Keeping track of man-hours is a vital part of maintaining the business. As such, the time clock is an integral part of that record keeping. Many of these systems operate by being plugged into a wall socket. These units become stationary and are limited by where they can be set up as they need to be near an available power source. However, portable time clocks are battery operated giving the unit versatility to be installed virtually anywhere.

Business owners and staff are somewhat limited when it comes to decorating the office space. Electronics need to be adjacent or otherwise close enough to a power outlet in order to be functional. This is what creates limitation when assigning spaces for desks, computers, lights, printers and other fixtures. The portable time clock has no restrictions and can be stood anywhere that makes logical sense. Instead of staff members explaining they simply forgot to clock in, this device can be assigned a location that is hard to miss and next to something that everyone utilizes first thing in the morning.

Decorative reasons aside, the portable time clock can also be a great tool for working on location that is void of power. For instance, a construction site could benefit from a battery operated unit if the power lines haven't been installed or turned on yet. A warehouse can have this unit sitting on a table near the entrance without power or extension cords strewn about the floor - which could cause a tripping hazard. You could even keep track of staffing hours for outdoor projects that are completely void of power.

Although it's easy to fix a time sheet for an employee if the power goes out within an establishment. However, battery powered units from Amano time clocks can continue to keep accurate time for staff in such an event. This means your payroll person spends less time fixing problems that could occur should there be a brownout or complete power outage. If you have a medium sized business or larger, this could save a great deal of time for that individual.

The versatility of a portable time clock can keep your business functional in a wide range of circumstances. Whether you need a way to monitor your staff in areas where power isn't available or simply want to stand the unit in the main hallway on a nicely decorated table, these units can provide the ability.

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A virtual private server or VPN is a type of hosting account that is suitable for websites that need to be accessible at all times, without any server lagging or page loading issues. With a shared hosting account, one compromised account on the server can end up bringing down the entire server, or at the very least other accounts on the server. With a virtual private server account, or a VPS, while the account is still on a physical server that hosts other accounts, it is isolated and thus fully independent of any other accounts on the server.

Consider a virtual server to be similar to an apartment in an apartment building. You can take care of your VPS -- your apartment -- as you'd like, without affecting the other accounts -- apartments. While you'll be installing scripts and perhaps restarting your server (much like installing air fresheners and painting the walls in an apartment), your actions won't affect other accounts on the server - and vice versa.

Choosing a VPS hosting account is a good choice if you need more security and stability than a traditional shared hosting account can offer, but you don't want to spring for the cost of a dedicated server. VPS hosting is more popular than ever, and most hosting account providers offer them.

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